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Data Protection & Privacy Policy


ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS Data Protection and Privacy Policy has been produced to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), DGPR and associated legislation.

The DPA gives individuals rights over their personal data and protects individuals from erroneous use of their personal data.


This Policy applies to all employees (including temporary or casual, consultants and suppliers working on behalf of

ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS), third parties or others who may process personal information on behalf of ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS.

Data Covered by the Policy

Personal data is information relating to an individual where the structure of the data allows the information to be accessed i.e., as part of a relevant filing system. This includes data held manually and electronically.

Special Category data is personal data consisting of information relating to:

· Racial or ethnic origin

· Political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature

· Membership of a trade union (within the meaning of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Consolidation Act 1992)

· Physical or mental health or condition

· Sexual Life, sexual orientation

· Biometric/genetic data

The Six Data Protection Principles

The DPA 2018 requires ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS must comply with the six data protection principles.

The principles require that personal data shall:

· Be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be process unless certain conditions are met

· Be obtained for a specified and lawful purpose and shall not be processed in any other manner incompatible with that purpose

· Be limited to only what is required for the purpose for which it is being collected

· Be accurate and kept up to date

· Not be kept for longer than necessary for that purpose

· Be kept safe from unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, or damage

Obtaining, Disclosing and Sharing

Only personal data that is necessary and for a specific ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS related business reason will be obtained.

Data which is collected must and will be stored in a secure manner.

Personal information will not be disclosed to a third-party organisation without the prior consent of the individual concerned unless disclosure is legally required or permitted. This also includes information that would confirm if an individual is or has been an applicant or student of employee of ROB-CAM PRODUCTIONS

Retention, Security and Disposal

Personal information held in paper or electronic format will not be retained for longer than is necessary. In accordance with data protection principles of the DPA 2018, personal information with be collected and retained only for business, regulatory or legal purposes.

Personal data in paper format will be shredded after the required retention time. Electronically held date will only be held in an encrypted file format.

Care will be taken to ensure email communication containing personal data will not be sent to unintended recipients.



If you have any enquiries in relation to this policy, please contact

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